About the project

The Zolitūde neighbourhood had historically been an attractive building location for those who were looking for peace and quiet outside the densely populated city. Today it is a perfect location for a modern, fastidious city dweller – with a developed infrastructure and within easy reach of the city centre.
The new apartment house project Solitude Park is located in the very heart of Zolitūde, between J. Endzelīna, Irlavas and Jūrkalnes Streets. Apartments are available in the project of the highest quality and energy efficiency, as only the highest quality materials and most efficient technical and engineering solutions have been used in building it.
For your convenience and daily comfort, Solitude Park offers:

  • Comfortable, ergonomic apartments with balconies, loggias and terraces
  • Landscaped environment and developed infrastructure
  • The highest quality at the best available price

Additional amenities offered by Solitude Park include a parking lot and an underground garage for the safety of your car. Each apartment has a free of charge access to a basement storage room which is connected with the elevator. Convenient, safe and accessible – it’s your choice without compromising on the quality of life!